Tis the Season 12

Tis the Season 12

December 8 – SAERC Auditorium – 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: $36.00

‘Tis the Season 12 brings award-winning actor, singer and comedy performer Bette MacDonald and talented partner Maynard Morrison together with a cast of comedy/musical talent second to none.

‘Tis the Season is all about giving the audience as many laughs and as much fun as we possibly can while staying within the confines of the law!” says MacDonald. “We cannot wait to get on the holiday road.”

The show – a seasonal staple for the past 11 years – remains as fresh as ever with new material, music and laughs in store.

Tickets go on sale  and may be purchased online at www.phcivic.com at the Civic Centre box office or by calling 902-625-2591.

Supported by 1015 the Hawk, the Reporter, and Maritime Inns.

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