J. Franklin Wright Gallery

J. Franklin Wright Gallery Mandate


The gallery is a cultural space for the purpose of displaying artwork. Individuals or groups are welcomed to display their work, pending approval of the art gallery committee. The art selection committee will consist of four members of the J. Franklin Wright Art Gallery Committee and will make recommendations concerning gallery shows to the committee from time to time.


The art selection committee will research artists for shows up to one year in advance and suggest the length of the show; an appropriate interim time between shows will be scheduled for take down and set up. The gallery will be reserved for the student art show each May and June.

Shows will run for six to eight weeks, to be mutually agreed upon between the art selection committee and the artist.

Artists will be 18 years and older (with the exception of the annual student art show).

All artwork must be framed and/or ready to hang. All media are acceptable. 

Subject matter must be acceptable for public viewing where children are present, i.e. no graphic displays of violence, nudes, or  provocative subjects. The art selection committee will have the final approval on all items to be displayed.=

Artists can leave brochures with prices and/or business cards at the gallery for distribution to patrons.

Receptions for artists will be arranged, if requested, by the J. Franklin Wright Art Gallery and will include invitations (Rack card image and bio should be provided at least two weeks in advance.), food and beverages.
Artists are encouraged to participate in a lecture or demonstration during the show; this will be arranged between the artist and the art gallery committee.


The gallery welcomes exhibition proposals from artists at all stages in their careers. The committee meets monthly. Please allow eight weeks for a reply.


Proposal Requirements

An exhibition proposal with clear and concise description of the proposed exhibition, including any special requirements, is to be sent electronically to [email protected] 

Please include a CV and a biography (100 words or less).

Please include a numbered image list with the artist’s name, title of work, medium, dimensions and date along with a CV for all involved in the proposed project

Other documentation such as installation images from previous exhibitions should be included, if available.


Documentation Requirements

5-10 files of work relevant to the proposal – image files in jpg format 72dpi 1000 pixels on longest side. 

Label files: FirstName_LastName_Title_01

Each file should be numbered and titled to correspond with the accompanying image list. Files will be viewed in numerical sequence.  

Exhibitions are typically eight to ten weeks in length to be mutually agreed upon between the art selection committee and the artist and the artist must arrange for hanging of all work; volunteers of the J. Franklin Wright Art Gallery will act in an advisory capacity and assist as appropriate.

Sale of Items

There are no hanging fees; however, a 25% commission from sales arranged directly between the artist and the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre is charged. Tax will be charged effective October 17, 2017.Cheques should be made payable to “Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre.” If item is to be shipped, cost of shipment will be the responsibility of the purchaser; shipping arrangements will be made by the Civic Centre.  

For further information, please contact [email protected]

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