Gunning and Cormier in Concert

Gunning and Cormier to perform May 15, Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre

Gunning & Cormier go back 23 years when Dave had a fiddle player drop out of a show at the last minute. “He hired me for a gig when I was just back from Nashville, nobody knew me here,” says Cormier.

“We were totally blown away by J.P.’s playing,” recalls Gunning. “I remember him saying if you ever do a CD, I want to play on it.” That happened, and much more. They played together and wrote together whenever they could, coming up with songs that graced both their projects, over the years showered with awards and nominations on the East Coast and nationally.

“Dave is such a part of my life,” says Cormier. “Dave is like my family, he’s like a blood relative to me, and he’s always been that way. ” Gunning feels the same way. “Absolutely, we just became fast friends, and we’ve been working together ever since.”

Two songwriters, interpreters, guitar players, and singers at their peak. It’s the power of the song, the highest quality from the past to the now. It’s two friends, brothers, and uncompromising performers.

Now, in a special concert,  we are presenting these Maritime icons - just the two of them on stage, swapping songs and telling stories in the way that only they can do, May 15 at 7:30 p.m.. Tickets go on sale April 1 at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre by calling 902-625-2591. Supported  by 1015 the Hawk, Maritime Inns and the Reporter. COVID protocol will be followed, and seating is limited.



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