J. Franklin Wright Art Gallery Presents


Town of Port Hawkesbury J.Franklin Wright Art Gallery Committee Presents

Gallery Opening Show “Dosartistas”

September 15, 7:00pm


Artist Information:

Edward was born in Philadelphia, PA.  The family soon moved to Toledo, OH. He took art lessons at the Toledo Art Museum where he was overwhelmed at an early age by and exhibition of the collected works of Van Gogh.

Edward, like his parents, attended Cornell University where he majored in English literature and art history and took the courses necessary for admission to medical school which he subsequently attended in Philadelphia.  Dr. Arenson, absorbed in his career in childhood cancer and blood diseases, limited his passion for art to attending as many museums and galleries as possible and collecting.  After the last of his four children left home for college, he began painting in earnest in 2009. His work, in contrast to his medical and scientific career, is largely uninhibited and functions as a means of visceral expression contrasted with the discipline of patient interaction and care.  The work is inspired diversely by artists such as Jackson Pollock, Edward Hopper, Van Gogh, Johnannes Vermeer and, most recently, the Santa Fe abstract expressionist, Harold Larson.  Edward’s work predominantly emphasizes texture and color, tools to express and evoke emotion and movement.  His preferred media are acrylics and charcoals which optimize spontaneity. Dr. Arenson is also a poet, birder, and endurance athlete.  He studies Argentinian tango with his wife and fellow artist, Aura.

Artist Aura Elizabeth Cordero de Arenson was born in Guatemala. Her family had rich diverse origins including ties to Spanish nobility in the region of Aragon as well as ancestors from Morocco.  She was educated in a French college and showed exceptional promise in many subjects including art for which she received early recognition.

As a result of the chaotic political environment as well as the suppression of her talents in a patriarchal culture, she emigrated to the United States at age seventeen where she quickly established herself in the fashion industry as someone with talent, taste and work ethic. Aura worked with prominent fashion designers in New York, but after moving to Vermont and Colorado where she has lived since 1987, she pursued, like her husband, Dr. Arenson, her passion for medicine and patient care working as a medical assistant, respiratory therapist, emergency medical technician, clinical instructor and medical office administrator.  Throughout this diverse life experience, she has always maintained a passion for painting and has completed numerous works which focus on the nature themes of water, mountains, flowers, and birds.  Her paintings are not merely visual, but reflect the sounds and scents of nature.  Her works are inspired by Picasso and the impressionists as well as the Nobel Laureate poet, Neruda.  Her poetry focuses on love and passion.


"Curlew Hill"

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